Recent PhD Alumni

Name Year Dissertation Advisor
Kyle Hutchinson 2020 Harmonic Function in the Late Nineteenth-Century Chromatic Tonality of Wagner and Strauss: A Study of Extensions to Classical Prolongational Practices Ryan McClelland
September Russel 2020 Passé recomposé: Neoclassical Sonata Form in Interwar France Steven Vande Moortele
Dan Deutsch 2018 Music as “Minor Literature”: Musical Syntax and Form in Gustav Mahler’s Lied von der Erde Steven Vande Moortele
Scott Hanenberg 2018 Unpopular Meters: Irregular Grooves and Drumbeats in the Songs of Tori Amos, Radiohead, and Tool Ryan McClelland
Caitlin Martinkus 2017 The Urge to Vary: Schubert’s Variation Practice from Schubertiades to Sonata Forms Steven Vande Moortele
Justine Wong 2017 The Role of the Development in Felix Mendelssohn’s Sonata Forms Ryan McClelland
Konrad Harley 2014 Harmonic Function in the Music of Sergei Prokofiev Ryan McClelland
Mark Richards 2011 Analyzing Tension and Drama in Beethoven’s First-Movement Sonata Forms Ryan McClelland